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MTM Episode 4: Flexibility

It’s the 21st century. A global economy, constant advances in science and technology, the information age, climate change, a pandemic, and a myriad of other forces are inciting change at a dizzying pace. On a daily basis, the world offers us a choice; meet the changes with flexibility or meet them without. Honestly, I do both depending on the day. Flexibility isn’t a practice that is only required by individuals. All around the world, governments, communities, and organizations are being pressed and “invited” to nimbly operate under ever-changing factors. What strikes me lately is that not all flexibility looks the same. In this episode, we explore this topic through the lens of a dedicated professional, mother, and citizen. Rachael shares stories of flexibility about herself and her community of people dedicated to providing food, education, and referral services free of charge to fellow New Mexicans in need. St. Felix’s core values, “impact everything they do: respect for human dignity, compassion, justice and peace, transformation,  and solidarity with the poor.”. I have no doubt that you will enjoy this discussion with Rachael Miletkov, Director of Development at St. Felix Pantry in Rio Ranch, New Mexico.

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